We deliver Open Banking

What we can offer to a Bank

  • Compliance with Open Banking
    A fully functional, Gateway agnostic ASPSP module that is available to download and can be placed on a Cloud service.
  • Ongoing Development tested
    A tool that allows a Bank or ASPSP to act as a TPP in order to test their own ASPSP provision and ongoing development requirements
  • Open Banking Innovations
    Enabling a Bank or ASPSP to use their TPP credentials, to make unlimited API calls throughout their innovation cycle.

Our Software for Banks

We have built the tools that will allow you to partake in Open Banking at whatever level you want to.
From simple compliance to fully utilising the interoperability of Open Banking to drive innovation we have what you need.

ASPSP Module

A gateway agnostic module that can be integrated into your own infrastructure allowing you to provide ASPSP services and allowing access to all your Open Banking API endpoints so that you can interact correctly with TPPs that onboard to use your Open Banking Services. This module will cover all Open Banking Services (AIS, PIS and CBPII).

Test Hub

Our Test Hub allows you to act as a TPP to test against your own ASPSP offering. This gives you the confidence that the data you will be sending to TPP’s will be as they expect. As your Open Banking development continues and scheme enhancements are introduced you will have a tool that allows you to continuously test your ASPSP service.

TPP Framework Module

If you are looking at using Open Banking to drive innovation, then this module will give you full TPP capability in both Sandbox and Production environments so you can fully utilise the interoperability of Open Banking data. This module will allow you to make unlimited API calls for any Open Banking related projects that you want to undertake.

We also provide consultancy

We can accompany all our technology with full implementation and support services. We will work with you to
ensure that your Open Banking journey is a success.

Business Readiness

We will assist you to ensure that all aspects of your organisation will be in a position to seamlessly start on your open banking journey while remaining compliant and secure.

Service Delivery

Our team of specialists have hands on Open Banking experience and will work with you to ensure that we deliver our service in line with your Project Plan and deadlines.

Technology Provision

We have created the technology that you will need to unlock the potential of Open Banking. We are flexible and will work with you to cater our technology packages for your own needs.

Service Support

Outsource your Open Banking service to us. We can provide you with a team of experts to help manage and run your ongoing Open Banking service support.

Use cases

Open Banking Compliance 

If you are a Bank and need to provide Open Banking services and do not want to build or purchase the required technology but want it hosted on my own infrastructure. If you need to be able to provide all Open Banking services AIS, PIS, CBPII and CoP.

obconnect’s ASPSP module will provide you with the framework to enable you to provide all Open Banking services to TPPs who connect to you.

In addition to the framework technology we also provide:

  • Initial and ongoing consultancy services
  • Full Service Support following technology implementation
  • Ongoing Upgrades in line with Open Banking Scheme Changes

Enhance your offering to customers 

If you are Bank and want to use the interoperability of Open Banking to enhance your offering to customers by enhancing your existing products or creating new business opportunities like:

  • Analyse spending habits
  • Generate cross Selling Opportunities
  • Offering your customers new products that they need

obconnect can provide you with full TPP capability that will allow you to act as a TPP and develop and test your innovations. Depending on your needs, this can include:

  • Access to both Sandbox and Production environments
  • Connections to all participating ASPSPs
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Full service support and scheme upgrades.

Ensure my improvements work 

As a Bank you’ll need to ensure that all enhancements or updates to your ASPSP API offering work correctly. These can be as a result of an internal enhancement or the regularly required scheme upgrades as defined by OBIE.

If you have TPP credentials and want to continually test your own ASPSP offerings before you release to the Open Banking TPP community.

obconnect’s Test Hub will provide you with the ability to connect to your own ASPSB offering and make all the necessary API calls to test that your ASPSP upgrades are responding correctly. Our experts will be available to provide all necessary assistance throughout your testing and resolution cycles.

Confirmation of Payee

If you are Bank and want to comply with Confirmation of Payee Legislation. You will need to ensure that you can both send the Confirmation of Payee request to another Bank and also be ready to respond to any Confirmation of Payee Requests that you receive from another Bank.

obconnect has developed a Confirmation of Payee Solution for ASPSPs that:

  • Allow you to receive and respond to requests (CoP In)
  • Send requests when making a payments (CoP Out)

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