We are obconnect, a leading global provider of Open Banking and Confirmation of Payee (CoP) solutions. With expertise dating back to Open Banking’s inception in 2017, we have become industry experts since. Founded in 2019, the obconnect mission has been to deliver exceptional SaaS and Hosted by Client solutions to Financial Institutions and Corporate Banks.

We believe in removing barriers to provide fair and accelerated access to Open Banking solutions, regardless of organisation size. We are dedicated to revolutionising the Open Banking landscape, empowering Financial Institutions and Corporate Banks to thrive in the digital era.

Join us on this journey as we redefine the future of banking together.


Our mission is simple

At obconnect, our mission is simple: to deliver industry-leading technology solutions in Open Banking and Confirmation of Payee (CoP) across the world. With our tech-first approach, we offer secure, cloud-native, and real-time API-driven solutions. 

Join us to revolutionise the future of banking through innovation and seamless integration.


obconnect is an all-in-one technology provider, providing all the components needed for seamless end-to-end processing. Our cloud-native and API-driven approach, ensures real-time and efficient operations. With a scalable and resilient infrastructure, we maintain continuous availability without scheduled downtime.

Designed to support Open Banking Financial-grade API (FAPI) compliance, our solutions prioritise security and functional compliance. Dynamic client registration, CoP Receive/Respond and Request Processing, and advanced CoP matching logic are all part of our comprehensive offering. We prioritise the protection of customer data and do not store any customer data, ensuring maximum privacy and security for our clients and their customers. With obconnect, your data remains confidential and secure at all times.

Join us in revolutionising the way Financial Institutions and Corporate Banks operate. Experience the power of obconnect’s state-of-the-art technology, backed by comprehensive solutions that meet your Open Banking needs.


Meet the Founders

Darran Morford
CEO and Co-Founder of obconnect

30+ years experience in Financial Systems and Payment Processing.

Responsible for delivering Large Scale Global and Market Projects. Specific experience in Global Interoperability, Payment Systems, Open Banking and Open Data Delivery.

Rui Engana
CTO and Co-Founder of obconnect

20+ years experience in IT Strategy, Security and API Management.

Headed high performance professional services teams to deliver strategical Enterprise Solutions across Fortune 500 organisations. Advised, architected, and engineered scalable Open Banking solutions to large Financial Services Groups.

Simon Lyons

CSO of obconnect

With 30+ years in banking and a reputation as “The Open Banking Guru,” Simon brings vast expertise to the Open Banking landscape.

He’s led diverse projects from all angles, starting with digital connectivity at The Co-operative Bank, handling ebanking, data transfer, PCard, and payment schemes.

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