TPP Software for Corporates

What is TPP for Corporates?

obconnect is an FCA Regulated TPP (Third Party Provider). We provide not only a Software solution to enable existing regulated TPPs to access Open Banking Banks (across AISP and PISP) we also provide the ability for Corporates to access Open Banking through our Agent capability whereby a Corporate can apply to become and obconnect FCA regulated Agent which opens up a world of opportunity in the Open Banking space.

How TPP for Corporates works

obconnect operates within the rigorous standards set forth by Open Banking, which includes a robust security framework, standardised API specifications, and customer experience user journey guidelines. We provide everything you need in one simple API

Using a simple API to access obconnect Open Banking TPP Framework. From there you will be able to access all Open Banking banks and build your Open Banking business propositions.

Account Information (AISP)

Access to a full suite of Account Information services to support your Business proposition. Plug into the obconnect Open Banking framework and once consented by the customer retrieve the appropriate data.

Payment Initiation

One of the fastest growing areas of Open Banking. obconnect are processing 750,000 Payments per year in its PISP Payment Service. Tap into a proven, secure and efficient payment system for initiating transactions.

Benefits of TPP for corporates

Building an Open Banking compliance architecture is complex. It demands specific skills and a deep understanding of cloud-based technology, APIs, and how these relate to Open Banking security and functional performance. obconnect offers:

Open Banking Access Acceleration

By using obconnect’s TPP Software regulated TPPs or Corporate get immediate access to the Open Banking Bank connectivity .

Ease of use

Simple API connectivity to the wide range of Open Banking services.


All functions of Open Banking are supported across all Open Banking Banks. Including AISP, PISP CBPII and CoP.

Secure and Safe

Highly secure to Open Banking standards including FAPI Open ID. Including compliance to Open Banking Functional and Security Standards.

Compliance at the heart of all we do

All systems comply with the latest Security and Compliance needs giving you comfort at all times. These include ISO27001, SOC2 and Cyber Essentials.