Affordable Access to CoP in the UK

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, Open Banking is not just a buzzword; it’s a catalyst for transformative change. For corporates, Open Banking provides the ability to validate bank account details accurately before making any payments, mitigating the risk of errors and fraud.

If your business operations require access to customer bank accounts for specific use-cases or initiating payments on their behalf, Open Banking Software and our FCA License can revolutionise your processes, offering both efficiency and value to your customers.

Corporates we work with

We have had the privilege of collaborating with large corporations, such as PayPoint, which utilises our software and license across multiple customer propositions. From facilitating Council Tax and Utility rebates to identifying customer affordability and vulnerability, our solutions enable financial inclusion and fairness for all.

Solutions for Corporates


CoP, or Confirmation of Payee, is an integral service offered by obconnect, designed to add a layer of security to your financial transactions by verifying account names against details in real-time.

CoP adds an invaluable layer of trust and security to your financial transactions, effectively serving as a powerful anti-fraud and error-checking mechanism.

From KYC to verifying new beneficiaries like suppliers or employees, CoP ensures that your corporate financial transactions are seamless and secure.

TPP Software

obconnect’s TPP (Third Party Provider) Software for Corporates is a specialised solution designed to facilitate seamless interactions between corporates and financial institutions.

From executing consented requests to initiating complex financial transactions, our software ensures compliance with Open Banking standards.

By implementing TPP Software, corporates can achieve real-time accuracy in their transactions and enjoy a seamless, simplified experience, from account verification to payment initiation.

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