Open Banking Solutions by obconnect

Our platform seamlessly integrates payments, such as the ones seen on HMRC or JustGiving, and effortlessly syncs business accounts with platforms like Sage and Xero. Pioneering payment solutions for entities like PayPoint, obconnect also collaborates with top transit companies, bringing the convenience of Open Banking to fare collection.

As a regulated entity by the FCA, obconnect tailors its services to various financial institutions, encompassing AISP, PISP, CBPII, and TSP models, ensuring compliance and security.

Key Features

Why obconnect?

We’re at the vanguard of Open Banking innovation. Our solutions, like the TPP Software, provide secure access to customer data for third-party providers. Through our platform, financial institutions can even obtain the esteemed FCA licence, promoting regulatory compliance. Our cloud-based SaaS solutions are scalable, efficient, and resilient, successfully integrated with giants like PayPoint.

With obconnect, financial institutions, irrespective of their size, can securely and efficiently unlock the vast potentials of Open Banking.

Our Solutions

TPP Software

Elevate third-party services with obconnect’s TPP Software, ensuring secure access and use of customer data.

FCA Licensing

Partner with obconnect and our TPP Software to attain the coveted FCA licence, guaranteeing regulatory compliance and confidence in this evolving industry.