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Open Banking and Confirmation
of Payee services

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An all-in-one CoP and Open Banking provider for Banks & Fintechs

At obconnect, we pride ourselves on being an all-in-one CoP and Open Banking provider. We serve as your comprehensive solution for all Open Banking needs, equipping Corporates, Banks, and Financial Institutions with the tools to thrive in the dynamic financial landscape. 


Why obconnect?
The answer is simple: we bring unmatched all-in-one value and expertise to the table.
In-depth Open Banking Knowledge
We specialise in CoP for Banks and Corporates, Open Banking for Financial Institutions, and Compliance for all banking entities.
Accessible Open Banking Solutions

Our solutions are comprehensive, affordable, and designed without any transaction or volume-based fees.

Software to Support Your Business

We offer functionality, security, and technology support, uniquely catering to Corporates, Banks, and Institutions.


Open Banking Solutions

We offer a range of solutions that cover every aspect of Open Banking, simplifying complex processes, driving operational efficiency and enhancing the user experience. Whether you need CoP implementation or Open Banking API management, obconnect has you covered.

Confirmation of Payee

CoP cross-checks recipient names during payments, enhancing security and reducing fraud risks.
Bank Compliance Architecture

The technology required for banks to expose data and initiate third-party payments.

TPP Software for Corporates

The technology to service corporate customers via pay-by-bank, linking accounts and transaction access.

Our Technology

Our modern technology stack is API-driven both internally and externally. We understand the challenges posed by on-premise, legacy-based systems, such as backups, Disaster Recovery, Release Management, and Incident Management fixes. That’s why we have addressed these challenges by leveraging our robust cloud platforms. 

Our state-of-the-art platform ensures reliability, scalability, and advanced security measures. With our cutting-edge technology, you can confidently navigate the digital landscape, deliver exceptional user experiences, and stay ahead of the competition.

Who is obconnect for?

For Corporates

From facilitating Council Tax and Utility rebates, to identifying customer affordability and vulnerability, our solutions enable financial inclusion and fairness for all.

For Banks & Financial Institutions

From machine-to-machine payments that integrate banking into every digital platform to instant data exchange for quicker loan approvals, Open Banking offers unparalleled opportunities.


What drives us

Our belief is that an open ecosystem is crucial for unlocking unprecedented opportunities and defining the future of finance.

Enabling unrestricted collaboration

We create a non-restrictive environment for Corporate Banks and Financial Institutions.

Promoting innovation

By removing barriers, we drive partnership and innovation throughout the industry. 
Pioneering the transformation in finance

We believe that an open ecosystem is the key to shaping the future of finance.


Unlock the potential of Open Banking

Partner with us and experience the power of seamless integration, enhanced security, and unparalleled support.

Ready to unlock the potential of Open Banking?

Partner with us and experience the power of seamless integration, enhanced security, and unparalleled support.

The clock is ticking

With the October 31st deadline for Confirmation of Payee readiness approaching, we’re committed to making the integration as simple and straightforward as possible, so you can focus on your core services.